These are the values we strive to instill in our growing children. Values which will have a lasting and positive impact on our world. Asheville Shield Football Club values.

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Welcome to Asheville Shield – your soccer home.

Our mission is to provide the highest value, best quality soccer experience for our area youth. Asheville Shield Football Club is a non profit organization, staffed by volunteers who serve out of their love of the game and their desire enable ASFC to provide personal growth opportunities to the youth of our community.

Through our recreation league, ASFC provides a world class approach to teaching the game holistically, engaging the body, the mind, and the spirit. Local families with soccer playing youth between the ages of 4 and 10 can count on Shield to exceed their expectations as we help build girls and boys into responsible, honorable young women and men.

Have you aged out of recreation soccer and you’re ready for a challenge? The teams of Shield’s classic league are for you. Shield is currently fielding two classic teams in the U16 and U17 divisions. Our highly respected, collegiate coaches are all players and students of the game. As part of the NCYSA classic league, our teams travel all over North Carolina, playing and winning while college recruiters look on. Shield classic football will prepare you for the pitch through high school athletics and beyond.

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Please visit our website frequently to read ASFC news, coaching staff, and board updates.

ASFC turns no one away.

Our mission is to provide the highest value, best quality soccer experience for all of our area youth. We are committed to never turning a child away for the inability to pay. To achieve that goal, we will fund scholarships to be awarded to any player who qualifies.

Anyone wishing to donate towards ASFC scholarships may do so here.