Do you have talents and time and wish to help ASFC run smoothly and efficiently? As volunteer opportunities arise, the positions will be posted here.

We are currently looking for motivated individuals to fill the following volunteer positions:

Website Assistant – this job involves supplemental support to the ASFC web designer. Volunteer needs to be familiar with WordPress.

Fundraising Coordinator – this job involves generating and implementing unique fundraising strategies. Tasks include identifying fundraising opportunities, working with volunteers to execute fundraising activities, and working with the ASFC website developer and marketing committee chair to advertise fundraising activities.

Sponsorship Coordinator – This job involves interaction with the local business community to produce sponsorships for ASFC. Tasks include identifying sponsors and developing mutually beneficial relationships, as well as representing ASFC to the greater community.

Volunteer Coordinator This job involves interaction with the many members of the community who volunteer for ASFC. Tasks include soliciting and managing a database of volunteers and communicating ASFC needs to those volunteers.

If you are interested in a volunteer position, please contact Erika Conrad for details.

Last updated, 4/17.